Be Found

81% of buyers search online before making a buying decision. But can they find you? Run a digital identity HEALTH CHECK to find out. Without accurate business listings, Google will bury you at the bottom of the list.

Want more traffic to your website? 72% of small businesses have not done any search engine optimization (SEO) on their site. Stop making it hard for your customers to find you.

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Be a Contender

Why do people choose you over the alternative? Do you have others telling your story for you? 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more and for each star on your review, there will be an approximate 5-9% increase in business revenue.

In addition to reviews, are you proactively putting your business in front of your likely buyers? Target your ads to people that visit your competitor’s locations or are looking for products like yours online. Don’t just wait for them to find you… Go get em!

Be Chosen

Your website is your digital front door, but too often websites are all about you and not focused on your buyer. If you don’t make it easy for people to take the next step on your website and don’t have a page that is optimized for mobile, you are literally punished by search engines, and won’t see digital conversions. Sure, you can ‘DIY’ a site from one of those internet sites, the only problem is you get a ‘DIY’ looking result. You want a site that is current and cutting edge, today and into the future.    

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Be Awesome

We all know that keeping a customer that you already have is easier than acquiring new ones. Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting your existing customers, instead show them some love. Turn customers into raving fans.